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Bridging the Distance – Lessons Learned

Bridging the Distance – Lessons Learned

Tuesday June 9th, 2015 from 2:00 – 3:00 pm

Workshop Overview

Bridging the Distance is about creating a safe, welcoming environment where students in distress can seek immediate assistance, come together to talk about mental health to reduce stigma and plan to create a positive climate. The Red Couch is the symbol of comfort and a focus for dialogue.

Presenters outlined each of the activities that comprise the pillars of the project. Each of the four partners developed a specific activity: distance delivery of counselling/advising services; developing a peer mentoring program; providing staff training and policy development; and the creation of an engaging website. The website was designed as a first level of support for students experiencing difficulties and provides a repository of activities and resources.


Colin Kelly, Director, Applied Research, Confederation College

James Lees, Counsellor, Counselling Services, Confederation College

Carol Prechotko, Interim Director, Counselling and Student Disability Services, Cambrian College

Kim LaPierre, Team Lead, Student Success Services, Canadore College

Sherri Pinder, Mental Health and Wellness Navigator, Canadore College

Nicole Roy, Mental Health Project Coordinator/Student Advisor, Northern College

Susan Alcorn MacKay, Project Activities Coordinator 


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