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A Campus Wide Approach to Addressing Postsecondary Student Mental Health

A Campus Wide Approach to Addressing Postsecondary Student Mental Health

Tuesday June 9th, 2015 from 3:15 – 4:15 pm

Workshop Overview

In 2012, OCAD University and Ryerson University embarked on an ambitious project to implement campus-wide, multi-level health promotion activities and mental health services on their urban commuter campuses. Their goal necessitated work on the systems-level and a need to bring together and inspire stakeholders towards a common vision of healthy campuses.

This workshop discussed how two universities well known for being hotbeds for innovation, achieved their goal, the lessons (and failures) they learned along the way, and the significant accomplishments they achieved together, and on their respective campuses. The presentation covered the major accomplishments and outputs of the project, such as earning a Statement of Commitment on Mental Well-being for Executive Offices, and inspiring the operationalization of mental health within a University’s Academic Plan. Additionally, participants were able to interact with project resources such as:

  1. Campus Mental Health Policy Review: Policy Approaches to Post-Secondary Student Mental Health: A Scan Of Current Practice and
  2. Mental Health Training Brief: Mental Health Training in the Postsecondary Sector
  3. System design mapping project:
Underpinning Student Success: Opportunities for increasing mental health resiliency in first-year undergraduate students (The Gigamap)
  4. Crisis Support Package: Supporting Students in Distress


Dr. Su-Ting Teo, Director of Student Health and Wellness, Ryerson University

Dr. Teo has  almost 15 years’ experience in Student Affairs as a physician and administrator. She is involved in advocating for, collaborating on, and leading post-secondary health and mental health initiatives at local, provincial, and national levels. 416.979.5000 ext. 6587   Email:

Jennifer Robinson, Clinical Director at the Health and Wellness Centre, OCAD University

PhD (candidate) is the Clinical Director at the Health and Wellness Centre. Phone:416.977.6000 ext. 284 email:


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