Dibaadan: Barrier Identification and Rectification in Supporting Aboriginal University Students – NEW MHIF

Strengthening Campus Mental Health Supports

Student Counselling Services (SCS) are an important part of the health supports provided to students at Nipissing University. These services provide a way of exploring emotional, personal, and interpersonal experiences, as well as learning new skills and identifying goals. The services are a key resource for many students in developing wellness and coping skills that will be used throughout their academic career and lifespan. Through consultation with campus partners, SCS became aware that Aboriginal students may have particular difficulty accessing supports available on campus. This project aims to identify and remove barriers that exist for Aboriginal students, which limit their utilization of mental health supports at the SCS.

Phase 1: The Project Facilitator will work within a consultative framework with an advisory body of regional stakeholders in Aboriginal student mental health to develop information gathering strategies, review applicable literature, gather information on service barriers, and create recommendations for changes that would eliminate or mitigate barriers.

Phase 2: The Project Facilitator will work with the advisory body and SCS to select recommendations for immediate implementation. The Project Facilitator will assist SCS in the appropriate implementation of select recommendations and gather data on the impact of these changes to service. The project will culminate with a wrap up event and report to share learnings and outcomes with stakeholders, community partners, and the postsecondary community.

For more information, and up to date results, please visit the projects website.

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Adam Hopkins

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Trent University


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