Safer & Accepting Campuses – MHIF (Round 1)

Project Summary

In partnership with the Ministry of Training, Colleges and Universities, Egale has set out to improve the mental health and social wellbeing of LGBTQ students on Ontario campuses. While reaching this goal, a cohort of thousands of new postsecondary students will begin in September 2014, entering residences and campus facilities without the integral training supplied to their staff and student leaders. Egale hopes to continue the work of the Safer & Accepting Campus program in order to prepare thousands of new student leaders, student and professional staff, faculty, families and community members with the necessary tools to create safer campus communities.

Key Outcomes

Phase 1 – Residence Safety Seminars
Delivered LGBTQ safety and inclusion seminars to residence life staff province wide throughout the 2013-2014 academic year, accompanied by a resource guide, a “Positive Space Commitment” and return visits. Through strategic collaboration, we were able to reach and train over 1,500 participants from 224 residences from across Ontario.

Phase 2 – LGBTQ Student Leader Training
Conducted 5 training weekends in Autumn 2013 for LGBTQ and allied student leaders from every university and college in Ontario; student leaders returned to their campus with a wealth of resources, safer space materials and useful knowledge

Phase 3 – LGBTQ Training e-Module
Created 15-part innovative e-module for college and university administrators, staff and faculty, as well as professionals in other industries, with basic information to understand and identify the needs of LGBTQ individuals

Lead Institute
Reports & Resources
Project Leads

Jeremy Dutcher

Development Coordinator & Aboriginal Outreach
EGALE Canada Human Rights Trust

416-964-7887 x7204

Sammy Feilchenfeld

(Former) Director of Programming
EGALE Canada Human Rights Trust

416-964-7887 x7020

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