Successful Transitions Online and Mentoring Program (STOMP) – NEW MHIF

The Successful Transitions Online and Mentoring Program (STOMP), is being created and delivered through a partnership formed by the Northern Ontario Assessment and Resource Centre (NOARC), the, and the National Educational Association of Disabled Students (NEADS). Our goal is to address current gaps in postsecondary transitions for students with mental health issues through the provision of an on-line transitions program.

The youth of today spend most of their time online and often prefer this medium to gather knowledge and information. NOARC, RARC and NEADS will work with representatives from local and regional mental health agencies and local school boards to develop a consistent, evidence-based, accessible, transition program for Grade 12 high school students with mental health issues who are planning to attend college or university. A mentoring component and an updated psychological assessment will also be included as part of the transition program experience. This transition program for students will be delivered primarily online while the students are still attending Grade 12 in their home high school. STOMP will be designed to work collaboratively with school boards so that students will complete the program as part of their school-based transition plan and with the support of their trusted school support network. The STOMP transition program will run in Sudbury and Kingston, Ontario, for the next two years, through NOARC and RARC respectively.

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