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Healthy Campus Initiative

George Brown College’s Healthy Campus Initiative is a whole-campus, whole-student approach to building a culture of care at the college. ‘Healthy Campus’ is a health promotion framework exploring the impact of well-being on learning that’s spreading quickly across the college. It’s also a movement of people organizing and transforming their environments based on a shared commitment to Healthy Campus principles and a desire to create conditions at college that enable all students to thrive. Healthy Campus ideas have been influencing and informing a number of shifts, innovations, and new ideas at George Brown College over the last few years, particularly in the Student Affairs department.

Over the last two years, the Student Affairs department at George Brown College has been undertaking a number of new projects and engaging in a number of shifts in practice in order to advance the Healthy Campus mandate of supporting whole students in whole-campus ways. The┬ádocument below gives a summary of what ‘Healthy Campus’ means at George Brown College, and outlines the Healthy Campus projects that the Student Affairs department has been working on recently.

Toward a Healthy Campus Community: A College-Wide Initiative

Project Contact:

Kate Klein

Research & Education Coordinator, Healthy Campus Initiative
George Brown College

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