Student Leader Engagement Day

On August 20, 2014 CICMH hosted a Student Leader Engagement Day which brought together a diverse group of Student Leaders from Ontario’s Colleges and Universities for the purpose of:

  • Relationship building and knowledge exchange between student leaders and CICMH
  • To learn more about Ontario’s innovative student-led campus mental health and wellness initiatives
  • To learn how CICMH can best meet the needs of student leaders and engage them in our work and activities
  • To engage student leaders in Ontario’s Campus Mental Health discussions via the online Community of Practice and CICMH’s upcoming November Summit

Special thanks to all student leaders for their participation and contributions! And, special thanks to our partners, the College Student Alliance (CSA) and the Ontario Undergraduate Student Alliance (OUSA) for their participation and continued support!


CICMH’s Student Engagement Day was a great opportunity to showcase not only the creative and impactful work done by student leaders in encouraging mental health awareness and supporting healthy living, but also highlights the importance of the Centre in creating a space to build upon successful examples.

– Sean Madden, Executive Director, Ontario Undergraduate Student Alliance (OUSA)

It was so encouraging to be in a room filled with intellect, inspiration and passion. The CICMH Student Leader Engagement Day really brought into perspective that mental health is a priority issue for students from all backgrounds. After sharing and hearing everyone’s great ideas, programs and initiatives, I feel as though we can all break through the barriers surrounding campus mental health issues together in a compassionate and successful way. ​

– Kaitlyn Kerridge, Student Leader, Brock University

CICMH’s Student Leader Engagement Day provided a great opportunity for Ontario’s student leaders to interact with each other and share innovative student-led campus mental health initiatives. It was great to see CICMH working together with student leaders to co-create a ‘student leader stream’ for Ontario’s upcoming Campus Mental Health Summit, this Fall.

– Matt Caron, Director of Advocacy, College Student Alliance

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