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Transitioning to the Workforce

A big milestone

Transitioning from post-secondary education to the workforce is a huge milestone.

The transition can be exciting and full of possibilities, but it can also be challenging. There’s a lot to navigate as you move from “student life” into “work life”.

In this module, you’ll:

  • Reflect on your transition to the workforce (whether it’s already happening or coming soon)
  • Explore common challenges related to mental well-being that may arise during your transition
  • Review several strategies and resources for managing these challenges

Please note that the module focuses on how you can support your mental wellness during the transition, and does not include career advice, such as how to build a resume, search for jobs or prepare for an interview. If you’re looking for advice in these areas, we recommend that you visit the career services at your post-secondary institution.

Land acknowledgement

Do you know why it’s important to acknowledge whose land you are living on? Here’s why land acknowledgements should matter to all of us:

With this Indigenous perspective on the importance of land in mind, we encourage you to learn more about the land on which you live, play and work, as well as the Indigenous peoples who used to or continue to live on the land: