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Eating Disorders: Tips on how to help students

January 23, 2019

The transition to postsecondary education is known to be a difficult time and the campus environment can be a breeding ground for the development or aggravation of eating disorders, which are more and more prevalent. This infosheet presents an overview of these disorders, offers tips to support student’s affected by it.

Early Alert System in Post-Secondary Campuses

July 24, 2018

Research indicates that high attrition rates are mainly caused by stress, burnout, and mental health issues. It is especially prominent amongst first-year students and international students in their transition period into post-secondary life who have not developed a sense of belonging and do not feel connected yet to campus life.

Building Strength-Based Resilience in Post-secondary Students Info Sheet

July 24, 2018

Resilience is the ability to overcome life challenges and bounce back from the experience faster and stronger. Post-secondary students reported feeling burnt out, overloaded, depressed and not having sufficient time with friends and family, resulting in increased levels of academic stress and mental distress. It is important to equip students with the capacity to adapt skillfully and cope with stressors unique to postsecondary life by building their resilience.

Opioid Overdose Prevention Harm Reduction Info Sheet

March 29, 2018

As the rise of opioid related deaths in Canada moves east, more children and youth in Ontario are being affected. Harm reduction based interventions and awareness of overdose prevention protocol scan in form post-secondary institutions’ response to the current opioid crisis.

Early Psychosis Intervention for Post-Secondary Settings Info Sheet

November 15, 2017

Early Psychosis Intervention (EPI) programs, give early, intense assessment and treatment. Research shows that EPI programs have good results. Youth who have received help stay in school longer, needless medication, have fewer hospital stays, less problem drug and alcohol use, and better social relationships.

Stress and Burnout for Front-line Staff Info Sheet

September 15, 2017

As numbers and complexity of cases continue to grow, frontline staff across campuses may experience stress and burnout. CICMH and our partners have put together this info sheet in order to highlight possible interventions and build coping skills.