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Loneliness & Connection

May 25, 2023

This infosheet highlights the definition and dimensions of loneliness, the impacts of loneliness on mental health, the relationship between isolation and connection, as well as tips for coping with loneliness when it appears in our lives.


May 25, 2023

This infosheet provides an overview of boundaries, what they are, the benefits of setting them, and a step-by-step process for establishing boundaries in one's life.

Transitioning from Post-Secondary to the Workforce

March 30, 2023

This infosheet provides insight into common challenges during the transition period, strategies to navigate that transition, and ways that campuses can support graduating students.

Stress and Anxiety

November 8, 2022

This information sheet provides complementary information to the Campus Mental Health Works Stress and Anxiety session.

Trauma-Informed Practice

November 7, 2022

This infosheet, taken from CICMH's Sexual Violence Response Toolkit, highlights the fundamentals of trauma-informed practice, what trauma is, some tips for implementation, as well as information on self-care for practitioners.

Post-Secondary Standard Resources

October 26, 2022

This infosheet was a collaboration between the Centre for Innovation in Campus Mental Health and Healthy Campus Alberta. The purpose of this infosheet is to provide nationally available resources that can support the implementation of the Standard on Canadian post-secondary campuses.

Rest and Sleep

July 7, 2022

This infosheet aims to arm you with information on the benefits of different kinds of rest, to help you access better rest and sleep, based on our Campus Mental Health Works training.

5 Tips for Success in Grants

July 6, 2022

This Infosheet provides a summary of five tips for success in applying for grants, from finding the best funding opportunities to providing stewardship throughout the funding cycle.

Empathic Strain

June 22, 2022

This information sheet provides complementary information to the Campus Mental Health Works Empathic Strain session.

Building Intentional Partnerships

June 20, 2022

Fruitful partnerships are built through continued interactions between partners. In these interactions, partners have the opportunity to learn about one another, build trust and respect, and identify each other’s skill sets.