Campus Groups: A Postsecondary Schools, Community Services, and Hospitals partnership for Substance Use and Addictions – NEW MHIF

The project is an expansion of the Evening Treatment Program for Transitional Age Youth: A Community and Hospital Partnership. This program is a partnership between LOFT Community Services to Ryerson University, University of Toronto, OCAD University, and George Brown College. The new project will allow for young-adult-appropriate supports and treatments for substance use and addictions, to be accessible on campus. This project will also build the capacity for campus health providers to screen, address, and refer students with substance use and addictions appropriately. With LOFT as the hub organization, youth and young adults with substance use issues from high schools and postsecondary schools will be supported as they transition between schools, hospitals, and the community. Referral protocols will be developed and other on-campus programs may be identified and/or co-created among the partners as appropriate. Key elements of the program:

  • Weekly group meetings will be provided at all campuses by trained facilitators/ case managers and supported by peer mentors. The treatment approach is based on the “ACT” model (Acceptance and Commitment Therapy). This approach is used by the Hospital for Sick Children who will also provide training and consultation for the program.
  • Trained peer mentors with lived experience of addiction issues, and who are enrolled in college/university, will help promote the group, will welcome new participants and help get young adults to the groups through accompaniment.
  • Facilitators/case managers will provide on-the-ground, mobile case management support to clients who require extra assistance to connect to resources and groups.
  • 24/7 crisis support via text and phone.
Lead Institute
Ryerson University
Project Lead

Dr. Su-Ting Teo

Director, Student Health and Wellness
Ryerson University

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