Peer Leader Program

The Peer Leader Program is a peer mentoring program that primarily offers support to first-year and incoming students as they transition into the University.

All first-year and new incoming students are matched with a Peer Leader, who is an upper-year student mentor from the students’ respective program or faculty. These leaders are trained to provide students with a variety of strategies and referrals that can assist with the social, cultural, and academic transition into university.

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Goals include:
  • Establishing an inclusive and welcoming community of peers that cultivates a network and culture of mentorship
  • Providing support and guidance to UOIT students through various transitions in their post-secondary journey, from acceptance to post-graduation
  • Engaging participants in personal growth, lifelong learning and leadership opportunities through flexible, experiential programming that leverages the development of interpersonal, academic and professional skills
  • Creating a unified mentorship network that fosters respectful, interdisciplinary connections between individual peer programs and provides opportunities for collaborative programming
Lead Institute
University of Ontario Institute of Technology
Project Lead

Nikki Tomasi-Gunter

Student Leadership Coordinator
University of Ontario Institute of Technology

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