Safer & Accepting Campuses for Two Spirit Students Workshops

EGALE Canada Human Rights Trust will build on its Safer and Accepting Campuses Program, which was created as an educational resource for students, professional residence life staff and professional support staff. This round 3 MHIF initiative will work with colleges and universities from across the province and will focus on providing educational resources to both LGBTQ2S and Aboriginal postsecondary students and campus mental health staff to help develop a more inclusive program for Two Spirit students.

It will target mental health support for students who identify both as indigenous and LGBTQ and/or Two Spirit and is an acknowledgement of the unique challenges, barriers to access and resiliency of Two Spirit youth within postsecondary institutions in Ontario. Working with LGBTQ and Aboriginal student groups on campus will allow us to bolster supports and foster inclusion for these students.

This project will see the creation of resources, provide in-house training and strengthen collaborations for both student populations in four select regions. The educational tools will be designed to encourage the commitment of the participants to create ‘Safer Spaces’ that are relevant and inclusive to Two Spirit Students. The aim of these spaces will be to encourage positive mental health amongst Two Spirit students as an attempt to reduce poor mental health and suicide.

Lead Institute
Project Leads

Jeremy Dutcher

Development Coordinator & Aboriginal Outreach
EGALE Canada Human Rights Trust

Helen Kennedy

Executive Director
EGALE Canada Human Rights Trust

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