Summer Transition Program for Students with Mental Health Issues – NEW MHIF

This project focuses on facilitating transition for students with mental health issues from the secondary school system to university and college. It brings together the University of Guelph, the Upper Grand Wellington School Boards (both Catholic and public boards) and Conestoga College. This 2-year project will have three phases including research, program development, program implantation and evaluation.

Phase 1. During the winter of 2015 we will identify factors and ingredients required to implement a successful transition program, through student input and reviewing the literature and best practices.

Phase 2. Using the information gleaned in Phase 1, we will develop a 2-part summer transition program over the summer, 2015. Part 1, called LaunchPrep, will be held at the University of Guelph. Although the target population will be secondary students transitioning to Guelph or Conestoga, LaunchPrep’s goals are generic to the postsecondary experience and therefore accessible to a wider range of college and university students. Part 2 will be designed to help students become acquainted and transition to Conestoga (STEPS) or Guelph (GPS2) and will occur over the three days prior to their Orientation weeks.

Phase 3. The evaluation of the summer transition programs will be carried out from a number of perspectives including the measurement of student outcomes related to the transition experience. Students will be given pre and post self-assessments focused on their academic, social and personal progress over the first year. Because the transition program brings together college and university bound students, the evaluation results will be relevant to all postsecondary institutions. During the fall and winter of 2015/2016 students will also receive ongoing support and programming.

Lead Institute
University of Guelph
Project Lead

Bruno Mancini

Director Counselling & Student Accessibility Services
University of Guelph

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