The Strengths-Based Resilience program

The Strengths-Based Resilience program is designed to help you develop resilience, defined as the ability to cope with adversity. The program invites you to reflect actively on your experiences that demonstrate various aspects of your resilience. By reflecting back on these experiences, and engaging in other exercises, you will learn skills and strategies to build your resilience. This program does not teach reading, writing or mathematics. It does ask you to try out new skills and learn who you are and who you want to be. Rarely in life will you will have such dedicated and structured time to conduct this sort of self-development.

The resource can be accessed here:

Lead Institute
University of Toronto Scarborough (UTSC)
Project Lead

Tayyab Rashid, Ph.D., C.Psych

Health & Wellness Centre

Associate Faculty, Graduate Program in Psychological Science

University of Toronto Scarborough, Canada



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