Thrive Week

Thrive is a week-long series of free events to build positive mental health on campus. Thrive is a creation of the University of British Columbia. Laurier adopted the program in 2017 and now runs Thrive Week every October and January on both Waterloo and Brantford campuses. Thrive is overseen by Laurier’s Mental Heath Advisory Committee, and incorporates student input and feedback when planning the week. Popular Thrive Week events have included Therapy Dog Yoga, Chocolate Art Therapy, and our Self Care & Resilience workshop. Originally only a program for students, Thrive will be expanded in October 2019 to offer events for faculty and staff.

In January 2019, Laurier launched Thrive Kits, an evidence-based mental health toolkit to help students learn how to self-soothe to cope with stress and anxiety. Items in our mental health toolkits leverage the five senses so that students can ground themselves and practice mindfulness skills in moments of diminished mental health. Knowing that students are experiencing loneliness and isolation, the kit also included a free coffee for a friend coupon and a free group exercise pass at the Laurier Athletic Complex. Over 1,000 Thrive Kits are being distributed free to students on both campuses in 2019. Thrive Kits are made possible from the generous support from Laurier alumni.

For more information on Thrive:

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