Saying When: Minimizing harmful alcohol use on campus through a free app from CAMH

Saying When helps people analyze their drinking patterns and moderate their drinking. This tool, which is based on Canada’s Low Risk Alcohol Drinking Guidelines, can support students to privately track drinks and urges, set weekly goals, view progress and view strategies for success. The app is based on CAMH’s Saying When program, an evidence based program that has helped people cut back or quit drinking successfully for over 25 years.


As new technologies to help students moderate their drinking become more common, we are beginning to see the positive impacts of these interventions.  For example, a recent systematic review on the use of electronic communications, including apps, that provide personal feedback to students on their alcohol consumption show a reduction in alcohol consumption, frequency of binge drinking and drinking in a non-risky way. Research on an online/app based program from Australia to address individual drinking patterns, has also shown reduced alcohol consumption and changes to the way participants think about alcohol.

In collaboration with the Centre for Innovation in Campus Mental Health, Evidence Exchange Network in CAMH’s Provincial System Support Program is working to reduce alcohol related harms in students by promoting the Saying When app across Ontario campuses. If you are interested in promoting Saying When on your campus, you can take the following steps:

  1. Find out more: Download the free app on iTunes or Google Play
  2. Promote: Order free promotional materials including Saying When wallet-sized promotional cards (limited amounts available) and print posters. To order a set of promotional cards please email 
    Promote Saying When to students:During frosh week, winter break, before long weekends, St. Patrick’s Day etc.

    • In campus orientation packages
    • In student health clinics
    • In dorm halls and other common areas
  3. Use social media: Link messages about the Saying When app to university or college Facebook or Twitter accounts, especially during Frosh Week, reading week, and other times where students may be drinking more than usual, such as St. Patrick’s Day (#StPatricksDay) or long weekends (#MayLongWeekend).
    • Sample Twitter message: Enjoy #readingweek/#froshweek responsibly with w/ these drinking guidelines & the #Saying-WhenApp
    • Sample Facebook/LinkedIn message: Tell others about CAMH’s #SayingWhen app, a tool to track drinking, today! It’s built on national standards, the #LRADG. See it in action here:
    • Share the Saying When video

For more information about Saying When, please contact: Tamar Meyer, Supervisor, 416-535-8501×33936 or Jewel Bailey, Knowledge Broker, 416-535-8501×36752

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