We spoke with Rufaida Mohammed who is the Head of Counseling at Naseeha.

We spoke with Rufaida Mohammed who is the Head of Counseling at Naseeha.

About 10 years ago, the co-founders of Naseeha recognized that there was a need in the Muslim Community around mental health and Naseeha was born. Naseeha is unique in that they recognize that people have suffered prejudice, discrimination, rejection and exclusion because of personal factors, both in the Muslim community and under the influence of social and cultural biases.

Naseeha has a deep understanding of the religious and cultural context within which their clients function and are able to sensitize and raise awareness about mental health in the Muslim community.

Naseeha  serves two main functions:

On one hand Naseeha is a front-line service provider.

They provide a confidential counselling services for all ages. Their counsellors work to empower individuals to establish clear action plans, which may include referrals to local professionals.

They also offer Peer-to-Peer support through an anonymous, non-judgmental, confidential and toll-free peer support helpline specifically for youth. Their peer support cover topics such as Drugs and Alcohol, Bullying, Religion, Marriage and Divorce, Domestic Issues, Pornography, Mental Health, Bullying, Depression, Career or Work-related issues

They also connect their clients to other organizations that would be able to support/address their needs better. This includes referrals to CAMH, CMHA and an individual’s Employee Assistance Program (EAP).

On the other hand, Naseeha champions civic engagement, advocacy and public awareness by being present in our schools, conducting community workshops, and being directly involved in crisis intervention.

They aim and work towards creating a climate of love, respect and inclusion for all in the context of our diverse society. This is built on wisdom, faithfulness, respect, integrity and accountability.

In terms of a campus specific context, Naseeha has been working with Muslim Student Associations (MSAs) on campuses the province to make Naseeha more visible on campuses and ensure that students are aware of this resource is also available to them. They are actively working to grow their partnerships with MSAs across the country.

Naseeha is raising awareness about the services they offer by working with organizations such as the Toronto District School Board, at Islamic schools and inside mosques.


For more information on Naseeha you can go visit To access their peer support line please call 1-866-NASEEHA. Their lines are open from 3pm -9pm, 7 days a week.

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