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The New Abnormal: Student Mental Health Two Years Into COVID-19

December 2, 2022

This paper is a summary of public opinion research that surveyed post-secondary students across Canada from May 13 to May 27th, 2022. The results are meant to capture a snapshot of the student experience two years into the COVID-19 pandemic.

Mental Health and Substance Use During COVID-19: Spotlight on Youth

January 12, 2022

A Standard for Post-Secondary Mental Health: One Year Later

December 16, 2021

Consensus Statement on the Mental Health of Emerging Adults

August 30, 2018

Transitions between Secondary & Postsecondary

November 11, 2015

Building a Responsive Mental Health and Addictions System for Emerging Adults

September 21, 2015

MHCC's Youth-Friendly Version of the Mental Health Strategy

May 8, 2015

Taking the Next Step Forward: Building a responsive mental health and addictions system for emerging adults

March 17, 2015

Mental Health Indicators for Canada

January 26, 2015

Balancing Individual Safety, Community Safety, and Quality of Life: How to improve interactions between police/security and people with mental illness

September 4, 2014