Making mental health matter on campus

It can be a hard time of year for post-secondary students struggling to balance the sometimes all-encompassing demands of looming deadlines and back-to-back midterms, while juggling work and personal life, for some at an institution far from home. It’s the unique challenges of student life and its impact on their mental health that prompted UNBC students to bring to campus The Jack Project, a country-wide student initiative to tackle stigma around mental health and improve education on its effects. “There is a lot of stress in this environment,” said Julia MacDonald, 24.

“University is a really big time when students form habits for their future as well as the workforce,” added Valerie Ward, 21. “If they can’t cope with studying and all the stresses of that, I think it definitely radiates into the workforce.” The two masters in community health science students staffed their organization’s booth this week at UNBC’s inaugural Thrive Week, a five-day event that partnered with community organizations and featured workshops that addressed mindfulness and stress-relieving activities, nutrition and discussions on self-care strategies.

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