American college campuses talking about mental health

Mental health has been featured prominently in the US media lately due to high national rates of depression, anxiety and other mental illnesses. However, coverage of these issues hasn’t just stopped at facts and figures. The discussion of mental illness has also played a large and important role from criminal trials to higher education. However, while conversation around mental illness has increased, there is still a stigma attached to many of these issues. Misunderstanding colors the cultural landscape as Americans try to cope with mental health, urging those suffering from anxiety or depression to “just try to be happier” and ostracizing those afflicted with more serious disorders from lack of understanding. Here are a collection of recent articles around mental health on American college campuses: 

Campus Suicide and the Pressure of Perfection – The New York Times

Why Mental Health Should Be Supported on College Campuses – Huffington Post 

Mental health dialogue must continue on campus – The Daily Texan

Mental health report helps identify at-risk Purdue students – The Exponent 

Know your issues: Students have right to access mental health services on campus – The Daily Bruin


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