Niagara College launches third annual Yellow Umbrella Project

The third annual Yellow Umbrella Project campaign brings awareness to mental health at Niagara College.

The campaign, which started on Monday, tries to bring attention to mental health issues in post-secondary institutions in Ontario. The aim is to stop the stigma surrounding mental health issues. The colour yellow was chosen because of the uplifting feeling it can cause and the umbrella is meant to symbolize shelter from stigma.

The campaign continues throughout the week with activities for students to get involved. On Wednesday students and staff are encouraged to wear yellow. Departments are also encouraged to decorate their doorways with yellow as part of the “Day of Yellow.” Other activities are meditation sessions and early morning raves.

Students are given pins and flyers to promote the campaign.

Julia Mackenzie and Chauntelle MacDonald, first-year social services students said they thought the campaign was important and a good idea. They received pins and pictures to colour in, which they said they enjoyed.

The Niagara College Student Administration Council (NCSAC) worked with the College Student Alliance (CSA) to promote the Yellow Umbrella Project on campus.

Niagara college provides support in the form of counselling or information to students. For more information about those services or the project, visit the website at Yellow Umbrella Project

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