RBC donates $25,000 to St. Lawrence college program

St. Lawrence College Foundation has received a major donation of $25,000 from the RBC Children’s Mental Health Project to fund a new mental health gateway program on campus. The ASK program was developed by counsellors at St. Lawrence College after doing a resource review of existing mental health programs and services at the college. “The ASK program is basically a gatekeeper program for supporting individuals who are emotionally distressed,” Michael Whiteman, associate director, Counselling and AccessAbility and Health Centre services at St. Lawrence College, said. “We were looking for something to break down barriers of stigma and to assist people with being comfortable in engaging in the conversation of supporting others.” ASK stands for: A — Ask questions, active listening, acquire information; S — Situational and environmental scanning; K — Know your limits, when to ask for help, who to ask, know your resources.

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