The stigma of mental health

Every year I, along with many others (especially students), participate in #BellLetsTalk day as a way to raise awareness of the stigma still present surrounding mental health, wellness and illness in our society. At post-secondary institutions, the number of students suffering from mental health related issues continue to impress a seriousness, which often goes unnoticed. Students are at a high risk of suffering from a mental illness during their course of study and onward into their lives afterward.

According to a 2014 NSSE Major Field Report, 21 per cent of respondents in first and fourth-year at Ontario universities live with a mental suffering and Brock University’s individual statistics are even higher. The ever increasing demands on students, be they academic, social, financial or otherwise, continue to take their toll on our collective mental health. It therefore stands to reason that now, more than ever, we need to act together to tear down the barriers and stigma associated with mental health and move forward, addressing the issue as a collective.

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