Students Release Recommendations to Combat Sexual Violence on Campus

This Friday, the Premier will announce a multi-sector Sexual Assault Action plan, including changes that could be handed down to colleges and universities. After years of working on this issue, students have developed recommendations to government to address sexual violence on campus. “1 in 5 women in North America will be sexually assaulted at college or university,” said Anna Goldfinch, Ontario representative for the Canadian Federation of Students. “It is unacceptable that our campuses are unsafe and so little has been done until now, but we are hopeful that collectively we can shift from rape culture to consent culture.” Students have been working with the Premier of Ontario, the Ministry of Training, Colleges, and Universities and the Ontario Women’s Directorate to address sexual violence on campus and in the province. Students have also worked with both Colleges Ontario and the Council of Ontario Universities to develop institutional policies and procedures to prevent and address sexual violence.   

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