Unwind Your Mind teaches university students to de-stress

Kimberly Smith is in a rush. She juggles a cup of the coffee and a pile of textbooks in her gloved hands as she pushes through the doors to the medical library at the University of Alberta. Like many other students in December, she doesn’t have a lot of time to spare. By 11 a.m. on Tuesday morning, Smith has already finished two practical exams for her master’s degree in physical therapy. The day before, she spent four hours writing two other finals. Now, she’s come to the library to get ready for the three other exams she has to write before the week ends. “You get to know your studying habits. I know, for instance, to come to the library and spend a solid six hours here,” she said. “You want to put your life on hold and do finals … but sometimes you just can’t. You have relationships, you have sick parents, you have a job to hold down.” A few feet behind Smith, a dozen student sit quietly in a small room as a yoga instructor leads them in meditation.

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