Episode 10 – Cannabis and Gambling Addiction Awareness with Dua Fatima, Nicole Rita and Steve Keller

In this episode, Dua Fatima (Youth Gambling Awareness Program), Nicole Rita (Humber College placement student) and Steve Keller (Youth Cannabis Awareness Program) will discuss emerging trends and research on youth cannabis and gambling addictions, addiction from a post-secondary perspective, available YMCA of Greater Toronto services and supports for post-secondary institutions across the province, and what campus staff and faculty can do if a student shares they are struggling with an addiction.

Listen to Episode 10:

About Dua Fatima

Dua Fatima (she/her) is the Youth Outreach Specialist for YMCA’s Youth Gambling Awareness Program. Dua graduated from McMaster University with an Honours Bachelor of Social Work, with a minor in Psychology. She has worked with the YMCA since 2019 and is passionate about working with youth.

About Nicole Rita

Nicole Rita (she/her) is a recent graduate student from Wilfrid Laurier University, where she completed an Honours B.A program, specializing in Sociology with a minor in Psychology. Currently, she is a student at Humber College in the Addictions and Mental Health program. Nicole is exceptionally passionate about promoting and advocating for mental health and well-being. She has a great interest in studying and learning about various types of mental illness and disorders, and the ways in which these impact an individual’s life experiences. Upon the completion of her current program, she will go on to complete her MA in Counselling Psychology, where she will learn and develop the skills needed to become a Psychotherapist, furthering her passion to help others suffering from mental health challenges.

About Steve Keller

Steve Keller (he/him) is the bilingual curriculum developer of online platforms and programs for the YMCA’s Youth Cannabis Awareness Program. Steve graduated from Trent University’s Bachelor of Education program in 2012, and has been supporting youth through facilitating mental health and addictions programming with the YMCA of Greater Toronto since 2015. Steve is a passionate and energetic public speaker who enjoys helping exchange knowledge between credited research and audiences across Canada.

For further information you can visit the following websites:

  1. The Youth Gambling Awareness Program Website: A free service funded by Ontario Ministry of Health and Long Term Care offering educational prevention programs to youth and adults involved in young people’s lives on gambling awareness including potential risks, making informed decisions and healthy and active living.
  2. The Youth Cannabis Awareness Program Website: Offers free programming to youth and young adults, as well as adults (parents/guardians and professionals) involved in the lives of youth. Informed by protective factors contributing to youth mental health, YCAP provides a multi-faceted approach to increase knowledge and skills supporting positive youth development.
  3. Good2Talk: Good2Talk is a free, confidential support service for post-secondary students in Ontario.
  4. ConnexOntario: ConnexOntario provides service information for people experiencing problems with gambling, drugs, alcohol, or mental health. Helpful, supportive system navigation specialists answer all calls, emails or web chat requests 24/7.
  5. Game Quitters: Game Quitters is a support community for those who want to quit playing video games and get their life back. We work with parents, gamers, teachers and professionals all over the world in order to provide as much help as possible to those in need.
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