Episode 3 – Opioid Crisis and Harm Reduction Strategies with Jean Hopkins

In this episode, our guest Jean Hopkins will share an overview of the opioid crisis in Ontario, highlight how students and staff can learn more about problematic substance use and list harm reduction strategies and resources for campuses.

Listen to Episode 3:

About Jean Hopkins

Jean’s experience includes leading a substance use and addictions portfolio with a focus on substance use policy and treatment in Ontario.

Jean has previously worked as a social worker in the community-based addictions and mental health sector, and holds an MSc from McMaster University’s Global Health program.

For further information you can visit the following websites:

Canadian Students for Sensible Drug Policy Resources

CMHA Ontario Naloxone Resource

CMHA Ontario Harm Reduction Information

CMHA Ontario substance use information

Canadian Centre for Substance Use and Addictions Resources on Opioids

Algonquin College Harm Reduction Umbrella project

Lifeguard App

Overdose Prevention Hotline

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