Episode 5 – Sheena’s Place: A Guide to Online Group Support with Kaitlyn Axelrod

In this episode, Kaitlyn Axelrod (Program and Outreach Coordinator at Sheena’s Place) will discuss the challenges and successes of facilitating virtual support groups during the COVID-19 pandemic, based on her experience running eating disorder support groups at Sheena’s Place.

During these times of heightened uncertainty and isolation, group-based mental health support is a critical resource for college and university students. Kaitlyn will share insights on what to expect when seeking group support and tips for safely and effectively facilitating groups.

Listen to Episode 5:

About Kaitlyn Axelrod

Kaitlyn Axelrod (she/her) is a registered social worker and the Program and Outreach Coordinator at Sheena’s Place, where she facilitates support groups and leads community outreach initiatives. Through her work, Kaitlyn aims to destigmatize eating disorders and increase the accessibility of support. Kaitlyn believes that group-based mental health support is critical in reducing suffering and improving individual and community well-being.

About Sheena’s Place

Sheena’s Place is a Toronto-based community mental health charity that provides professionally-facilitated group support to people living with eating disorders, as well as their families and friends. All programs are free of charge and available to anyone aged 17+ in Ontario who self-identifies as having an eating disorder; no diagnosis or referral is required. In addition to clinical support, Sheena’s Place provides community education and outreach through presentations, workshops, and training opportunities. Currently, all programs and services are being offered online due to the COVID-19 pandemic. To learn more, visit sheenasplace.org.

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