A Way Through

A way to navigate the numerous available resources related to COVID-19, grief, loss, and bereavement

With no end in sight to COVID-19, Canadians are experiencing loss like never before. As people struggle to cope with what they’ve already lost, the death toll continues to rise, lockdowns continue to be enforced and then lifted, and new losses appear on the horizon. People are experiencing loss in a variety of forms including the loss of loved ones, lifestyle, financial security, passions, connections, and others. Unable to gather, or at times, even leave their homes, Canadians have been left to cope with these losses alone.

A Way Through seeks to support people and healthcare providers in managing grief, loss, and bereavement during COVID-19 by making resources more accessible and fostering community support.

This resource is the result of and analysis and review of existing research and literature on grief, bereavement, and loss through COVID-19, that included peer-reviewed literature from academic journals, newspaper and magazine articles, personal and community narratives, video and podcast interviews, and more.

Resources on this website are not “endorsed” by us, we have simply organized, categorized, and described them in ways that we hope will support people in finding different resources, in a variety of formats, that are meaningful to them, depending on their needs.

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