Carleton University Student Mental Health Framework 2.0

The Student Mental Health Framework 2.0 emerged from the need to continue the conversation of well-being and mental health on the Carleton University campus that started with the first Student Mental Health Framework in 2009.

The scope has since expanded to include proactive and preventative strategies in building a holistic, campus-wide approach to mental health and well-being. The Student Mental Health Advisory Committee was formally established in the fall of 2008 to develop a comprehensive framework outlining an integrated and consistent approach to responding to students in need of support. This committee was reprised in October of 2015 to share their collective wisdom and provide direction for Phase II of the Framework. The committee draws its membership from across the university to ensure that the perspectives of all stakeholders are reflected in all recommendations and activities. The Student Mental Health Framework 2.0 could not have been developed without the support and commitment of the members of this committee. We would also like to acknowledge the role of the Student Mental Health Advocacy Collective in helping to engage students, shape content and provide continuous feedback for the Framework. Additional feedback was collected through focus groups, online feedback forms, one-on-one meetings and a social media campaign (see Appendix B) which provided us with student perspectives and ideas for both enhancing mental health and well-being on campus and the direction to take with Phase II of the Framework.

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