Dismantling Anti-Black Racism Strategy (2023-2026)

Toronto's Infant, Child, and Youth Mental Health Sector

Infant, child, and youth mental health agencies in the city of Toronto have formed a task force to develop a multi-year strategy to address anti-Black racism in the sector. The goal of the project is to ensure that the sector honours its promise to end anti-Black racism and provide culturally responsive programs and services which help Black infants, children, and youth thrive. The Anti-Black Racism Task Force is comprised of staff from a cross-section of agencies in Toronto.

The strategic priorities outlined in this document include:

  1. Providing leadership and advocating for systems change to dismantle anti-Black racism
  2. Improving access to culturally appropriate and responsive programs and services where and when people need them
  3. Promoting mental wellness and reducing stigma within Toronto’s Black communities
  4. Hiring and supporting the well-being, success, and advancement of Black staff
  5. Engaging African Canadian parents/caregivers and communities


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