Toolkit for e-Mental Health Implementation

To support the establishment of e-mental health programs, this implementation toolkit was developed by the Mental Health Commission of Canada. The goal of the toolkit is to provide:
• an introductory resource for practitioners who may not yet have any formal e-health training
• evidence-informed samples and templates for e-mental health planning and implementation
• a useful resource for front-line practitioners, managers and senior mental health leaders with a project implementation / quality / risk focus
• a support to e-mental health champions and leaders who provide training and guidance to other health practitioners
• a map of current internationally recognized e-mental health practices and trends
• a starting point for promoting knowledge sharing, lessons learned, successes and challenges

The toolkit reflects information gathered from the knowledge and experience of the authors and research group, an environmental scan and rapid review of existing literature, interviews conducted with key informants across Canada and internationally, peer-reviewed research, templates and examples provided by relevant organizations, and insights shared by many on the-ground practitioners at various meetings, gatherings and forums.

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