Evergreen: A Child and Youth Mental Health Framework for Canada

From inception, the Evergreen Project has prioritized the active involvement of people from across Canada in all aspects of creating a framework specific to child and youth mental health. In this spirit of collaboration young people, parents, educators, mental health professionals, and countless others involved in the lives of young people, came together using online technologies to build Evergreen from the ground up.

Evergreen provides a framework of values and strategic directions to assist governments and other authorities responsible for child and youth mental health in Canada in their address of child and youth mental health. This framework will also be made available to young people, parents, service providers, professionals and the public to facilitate dialogue amongst all stakeholders about what needs to be done to address child and youth mental health across Canada, and how that could be accomplished. Thus, Evergreen is informing, supportive and encouraging of collaborative action to deal with this urgent Canadian need.

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