Go To Teacher Training Reports Canada

Evaluation reports of the "Go To Teacher" training across Canada

The Go-To Educator training program was designed by Dr. Stan Kutcher and Dr. Yifeng Wei to address the need for informed, educator-led identification, support, triage and referral (through collaboration with school based student services providers: such as counsellors; psychologists; mental health clinicians; SchoolsPlus facilitators) of students in Junior High and Secondary School who are likely to have a mental disorder, or are in need of mental health care. Taught to teachers and other staff in schools whom students usually “Go-To” when they have a problem and student services providers, plus whenever possible, to local health and mental health care providers, this intervention has been robustly demonstrated to improve the ability of “Go-To Educators” (those teachers that students naturally go to for help and support in their academic or personal lives) to assist and support students with mental health needs.

This evaluation is an anonymous follow-up survey of individuals who had completed the Go-To Educator program that was delivered across several school districts in Ontario, Nova Scotia, Calgary, and Newfoundland.

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