Helping Support Student-Athlete Mental Health

A Primer for Campus Stakeholders Outside of Athletics

Student-athletes are a key constituent group for student affairs and
student health services. On many campuses, student-athletes make up a
substantial percentage of students, and their behaviors and their success
as students can have a powerful impact on the reputation of your college
or university. Athletics, student affairs and student health services can be
effective partners in changing the culture of our college campuses and in
keeping student-athletes healthy and performing at their best on and off
the playing field. Successful partnerships require an understanding of the
unique risk factors experienced by student-athletes. They also requires
establishing a strong and trusting relationship between campus health
and counseling services, the athletic department, and the sports medicine
department. In this document, educational approaches for working with athletics
staff and student-athletes are outlined, and athlete-specific information is
provided for a series of mental health and safety issues.

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