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myWellness is an online information centre that aims to help student navigate their way through their mental health concerns and questions. A main element of myWellness is the anonymous, online mental health assessment tool that provides instant feedback with suggested local and on-campus resources to reach out to, should there be a need.

This tool has been approved for use as a practice management tool by the College of Family Physicians of Canada (which represents 6 out of 7 doctors in Canada). It’s a simple yet powerful tool. The assessment takes the student through a series of confidential questions that adapt to a detailed secondary level of questions, which are based on the student’s primary answers in the initial review. This allows a focused approach on persistent thoughts and eliminates non-pertinent subject matter. The student’s answers generate a diagnostic risk assessment and, where applicable, a personalized action plan. These can be shared with their on-campus physician, student counselor or family physician, simply by printing them out or sending them via email directly from the website. Essentially, it helps the student attribute words to feelings, and aids the practitioner in diving into the issue faster, with Canada’s only medically based and approved website for identifying and treating mental illness. Furthermore, myWellness can be used by health services and counsellors to help them as a triage tool so that students are seeing the right care provider sooner.

For more information, please read the myWellness Introduction document or contact Cory Wright at

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