Queen’s University Mental Health Frameworks & Strategies

The Commission on Mental Health was established by Principal Daniel Woolf in September 2011 to assist the university in its ongoing efforts to be a proactive and responsive community that promotes the well-being and success of every undergraduate, graduate and professional student from the day they arrive on campus through to graduation. In response to the need for continued attention on student health and wellness, including mental health and mental illness, the commission’s terms of reference were to:

  1. Consider national and international trends in mental health issues among postsecondary aged students
  2. Explore best practices for addressing mental health issues on university campuses
  3. Examine how the mental health needs of students are currently being addressed at Queen’s
  4. Make recommendations to the Principal on the establishment of a mental health strategy that will address:
  • How Queen’s can promote a healthy, inclusive and supportive environment
  • How Queen’s can promote mental health awareness on campus and provide the required level of support for students facing mental health challenges
  • How Queen’s can support a campus environment that reduces the risk of harm associated with mental health issues
  • What resources are required to support the mental health strategy.
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