Returning to a Shared Workspace

A psychological toolkit for transitioning to a new normal

Returning to a Shared Workspace: A psychological toolkit for transitioning to a new normal is a guide to support the mental health of individuals as they plan safe transitions back into their employer’s shared workspaces, and designed to help employers as they develop policies and procedures for supporting staff returning to a shared workspace.

This toolkit is part of an effort to support the mental health needs of Ontarians and promotes principles of positive mental health and well-being while encouraging the use of additional supports. Initially published in 2020, this guide has been updated to reflect the changing needs of Ontarians and has been reviewed and informed by diverse perspectives, including clinical leaders from the mental health and addictions community across Ontario.

This toolkit aims to serve employees and employers across a variety of sectors. Readers are encouraged to use this as a guide to understand how their mental health and the mental health of their colleagues has been affected by the pandemic and to explore strategies to support themselves and others as the transition to shared workspace occurs. While this document can support everyday practices and the development of policy, it is not intended to provide legal or clinical advice.

This toolkit aims to provide meaningful guidance on how to support mental health concerns with respect to the pandemic for a variety of organizations. The suggestions provided are meant to enhance the supports available to individuals during this challenging transition. The toolkit is not meant to be used in place of a mental health professional, but rather to provide psychoeducation on mental health concerns. Readers are encouraged to seek additional supports as they self-identify their needs.

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