Supporting College Students: Mental Health and Disability in Higher Education

This American report focuses on the often-overlooked population of students with mental health disabilities. The report outlines the current context of accommodation on campuses in the United States, including student awareness, and presents six recommendations for more accessible campuses.

  1. Partner with students to educate the campus community on mental health disabilities and accommodations.
  2. Celebrate and educate students on disability culture and contributions through courses in disability studies and disability cultural centers.
  3. Partner with students with disabilities to train disability services staff to understand and develop appropriate accommodations.
  4. Partner with students with disabilities or disability services staff to provide navigation support during the disability accommodations process.
  5. Create alternatives to medical documentation of mental health disabilities due to structural barriers, like lack of health insurance or lack of diverse mental heath professionals, that prevent many students from accessing mental health resources.
  6. Train professors on mental health disabilities and accommodations, including how to support students requesting accommodations.

The report is free to download after providing contact information.

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