York University Mental Health Strategy

In 2012, York University established a Mental Health Action Group with a mandate to provide advice on developing and implementing a pan-university mental health strategy. The group considered existing institutional policies and procedures and the emerging needs of the community, and undertook extensive consultation with students, faculty and staff.

York University’s Mental Health Strategy is built on four strategic priorities, grounded in the York University Academic Plan 2015-2020:

  1. leadership
  2. planning and promotion
  3. campus engagement
  4. service delivery

Vision: to advance a mentally healthy campus.

Mission: to assume responsibility for creating an inclusive environment based on mutual respect and implement a mental health strategy for all members of the community– students, faculty and staff.

Objectives: to inaugurate and implement a preeminent mental health and well-being strategy for faculty, staff and students that includes the following:

  • embedding mental health in the classroom
  • developing new and improved services
  • building the skills of our community members so they can identify when help is needed and provide direction on how and where to find it
  • supporting mental health before help is needed
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