Selection Criteria for Resources

Campus mental health resources that are submitted via this website are reviewed and vetted through CICMH’s team; and must meet the following selection criteria to be considered for our resource database.

CICMH uses the PARiHS Model to guide our selection of best and promising campus mental health programs, practices and resources for our website’s repository. The PARiHS Model indicates that there are ‘multiple forms’ of evidence and the application of evidence must take into consideration local and contextual factors. These forms of evidence are as follows:

  1. Research evidence
  2. Expertise and tacit knowledge based on professional experience
  3. Lived experience of people and families

To be considered for CICMH’s database, Campus Mental Health resources must be in keeping with the PARiHS framework and meet one or more of the following criteria:

  1. A new or established postsecondary mental health program, practice or resource that is currently being implemented in a post-secondary institution and shows promise (i.e., it’s supported by limited empirical data but shows signs that it works and is considered worthy of dissemination and further study by peers and experts in the field).
  2. A postsecondary campus mental health program, practice or resource that has been evaluated and shows positive outcomes in quasi-experimental research, expert consensus guidelines and/or clinical experience.
  3. A report, paper, literature review or environmental scan that is written by a credible source, focuses on campus mental health and contributes to the field.
  4. Policies or guidelines that were developed by credible experts in the field and rely on the latest research as well as knowledge, perspective and experience of those who work with post-secondary students.

Before submitting your campus mental health resource to CICMH, please ensure that it meets one or more of the the aforementioned criteria. CICMH’s database only includes resources that meet our ‘selection criteria’ and are considered reliable, credible and useful to Ontario’s postsecondary mental health stakeholders.

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