Conclusion & Additional Resources

This guide is a living document. The recommendations are based on current evidence, but cannabis use in Canada is a changing landscape. As more research emerges, some of the recommendations in this guide may change. This document will also be updated as new resources that may be helpful to you are created. As campuses begin to develop their policies and frameworks related to cannabis use, we would like to include them in this document as well. We are always excited to hear of new developments and ideas from campuses, so please send them to us at

Additional Resources
  1. “Substance Use Continuum Model.” The Caring Campus Project.
  2. “Sensible Cannabis Education: A tool-kit for Educating Youth.” Canadian Students for Sensible Drug Policy:
  3. “Language of Addiction. Words Matter Fact Sheet.” – The Canadian Centre on Substance Use and Addiction.
  4. “Substance Abuse in Canada: The Effects of Cannabis Use in Adolescence.” The Canadian Centre on Substance Use and Addiction.
  5. “Canada’s Lower-Risk Cannabis Use Guidelines.” The CanadianResearch Initiative in Substance Misuse.
  6. “Substance Use Prevention and Health Promotion.” The Canadian Centre on Substance Use and Addiction:
  7. Clearing the Smoke on Cannabis. Chronic Use and Cognitive Functioning and Mental Health. The Canadian Centre on Substance Use:
  8. “Parents: Help your teen understand what’s fact and fiction about marijuana.”The Canadian Centre on Substance Use and Addiction and Parent Action on Drugs.
  9. “Using Evidence to Talk About Cannabis.” International Centre for Science in Drug Policy.
  10. “Cannabis Legalization. Learn What Will and Won’t be Legal in Ontario.” Government of Ontario.
  11. “Cannabis Talk Kit: How to Talk With Your Teen.” Drug Free Kids Canada.
  12. “CannabisIQ” The Early Psychosis Intervention Ontario Network.
  13. “The Blunt Truth: Useful Tips About Safer Ways to Use Cannabis” Centre for Addiction and Mental Health.
  14. “More Feet on the ground. Learn How to Recognize, Respond and Refer Students Experiencing Mental Health Issues on Campus.” The Centre for Innovation in Campus Mental Health.
  15. Cannabis Legalization and Menal Health Webinar HSJCC
  16. The Centre for Innovation in Campus Mental Health resources webpage.
  17. “Impairment in the workplace: what your organization needs to know.” Canadian Mental Health Association, Ontario Division. 
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