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Appendix A: Additional Resources

Inclusive Mentoring for Graduate Students

Strategies for graduate students and faculty advisers. Highlights critical strategies and resources for effective mentor-mentee relationships: providing advice, focusing on communication, mentoring across difference and setting goals and expectations.

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A Mentoring Guidebook for Faculty

Written by the Graduate Student Senate of Case Western Reserve University, this guidebook includes checklists and worksheets for faculty adviser-advisee first meetings and setting expectations, and addresses advising and mentoring within diverse communities.

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Advisor-Advisee Relations: Guidelines

These guidelines help students and faculty navigate a healthy adviser-advisee relationship by recommending best practices.

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More Feet on the Ground

An online mental health education program proven to increase campus awareness of mental illness and mental health resources for post-secondary students. This online course is geared toward staff and faculty supporting students on campus.

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Video Call Support Groups for Doctoral Researchers An Implementation Guide

A step-by-step guide to setting up video call support groups for doctoral students. This initiative is suitable for, and could benefit, all master’s and doctoral researchers in any department. It may be particularly useful for those in arts and humanities where the experience of doing a doctorate can be more isolating than the natural sciences. It may also be particularly helpful for those who do not spend much time on campus, which tends to be those who are older, part time or have caring responsibilities.

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Starting an Effective Dissertation Writing Group

A guide to starting a dissertation writing support group for graduate students. This document highlights implementation strategies, potential pitfalls and templates for student use.

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Graduate Student Mental Health & Wellness Report

A summary of initiatives targeted at improving graduate student well-being at the University of Alberta.

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Graduate students’ mental health: Results and recommendations from a needs assessment of psychology graduate

A report of a needs assessment to identify the mental health needs of the University of Ottawa’s graduate students in psychology and to determine if the mental health services available meet those needs.

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