Accessibility and the Neurodiverse Campus Community

In this webinar, we’re inviting Tara Connolly, to speak about increasing accessibility to a full neurodiversity of thinkers in post-secondary spaces. Join us as we look at the concept of neurodiversity and begin to consider how to incorporate this lens in building accessible practices throughout a campus community.

Presenter Bio

Tara Connolly

Tara Connolly, M.A., RP, is the Assistant Director Research and Development for the Research Education Accessibility Design (READ) Initiative at Carleton University.  She is a Transitions Specialist with over 20 years experience consulting on the use of inclusive practices to support accessibility in a variety of settings. She has worked in school boards, post-secondary institutions, government agencies and healthcare settings as a content expert, to build capacity in accessible practices.   In her counselling practice, Tara supports a neurodiversity of thinkers, in particular adults and youth on the spectrum, to thrive on their own terms and co-creates meaningful strategies that facilitate the transitions into and throughout adulthood.

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