Addressing Alcohol Misuse on Campuses

Ask the Experts: CICMH Webinar Series #25

Alcohol misuse is a significant health issue in Ontario, and among students on college and university campuses. Even before students leave high school, 29% of them are already engaging in hazardous drinking, and that number increases to 57% once they reach the legal drinking age. The transition from high school to college or university is a difficult process for many young people, and this new environment also presents additional risks associated with alcohol misuse.

Taking action to address risky drinking on campus takes a combination of campus-level and student-level approaches. Several Ontario colleges and universities have implemented campus alcohol strategies and approaches to address campus “drinking culture”. In addition, there are several technology-delivered interventions such as smartphone applications that can help students moderate their drinking behaviors. This webinar will provide an overview of the evidence on alcohol misuse among those on college and university campuses and present two technology delivered interventions that campus health professionals can use to help students moderate their drinking.

Key Learnings
  • Understand the scope and harms of alcohol misuse among students attending Ontario’s post-secondary institutions.
  • Highlight a campus prevention strategy currently being used by a post-secondary institution in Ontario to address alcohol misuse.
  • Showcase evidence-based tools to help students moderate their drinking behaviours.

Dr. Samantha Wells, Ph.D. Scientist, CAMH Institute for Mental Health Policy Research and Head of the Community, Addiction and Mental Health Research and Evaluation Section, CAMH

Dr. Catharine Munn, Lead Psychiatrist, Student Wellness Centre, McMaster University

Jewel Bailey, MPH, Knowledge Broker, Provincial System Support Program, CAMH

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