Knock-out stigma: Promoting Athlete Mental Health on Campus

Post-secondary athletes often face significant stress, not only are they facing the pressures of excelling at their sport, but they’re also doing so during a critical educational period in their life. From balancing their practice and class schedules to completing assignments and studying for exams, the mounting stress they experience can lead to anxiety and depression and impact their overall mental health and performance. This webinar aims to show how Talk Today, one of the most comprehensive mental health/sport-related programs in Canada, is breaking down the stigma of seeking help and promoting a safe environment for athletes to speak about their mental health challenges. Since 2014, over 2,500 players, coaches and billet families across the Canadian Hockey League have received suicide-prevention workshops. Originally for athletes 15 years and over, Talk Today has since evolved and has provided educational opportunities for 5,300 elementary school kids, hundreds of athletes under 15, and athletes in high school, college and university. 


Alex Salomie is a communications officer with the Canadian Mental Health Association, Ontario Division. He is responsible for managing the day-to-day operations of CMHA Ontario’s Talk Today program. His work focuses on supporting CMHA branches, partners and sports leagues in implementing the program across Canada.

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