Community Connections – Bridging the Gap from Campus to Community

Ask the Experts: CICMH Webinar Series #24

On September 21, 2016 we Asked the Experts about building Community Connections to Bridge the Gap from Campus to Community for mental health supports for students and youth.

Mental health services and awareness are priorities for campus health professionals and support staff in colleges and universities throughout the province. This webinar provided a unique opportunity to hear from community health professionals about how to best support students by bridging the gap from campus to community.

Listen to our webinar here:

Key Learnings

In this webinar, our panelists discuss:

  • Best practices and lessons learned for supporting clients in crisis
  • Experiences and key steps in developing peer-led initiatives for campus mental health supports
  • Connecting students to community supports
Presenter Bios

Nicki Casseres
Gerstein Centre

Nicki has worked in the mental health field for over 30 years and has direct frontline experience as a Crisis Worker. Nicki provides Training in Crisis Intervention, Mental Health awareness, ASIST and Safe talk. She also provides Training to Toronto Police Service about understanding Mental Health and Crisis Community services. In as part of her work she helps communities develop peer supporting training program with a focus on wellness and recovery.

Jenny Carver
Stella’s Place

Jenny Carver M.S.W., R.S.W. is the founding Executive Director, researcher and co-designer behind Stella’s Place, a community-based young adult mental health organization in Toronto. Jenny has been a leader in the mental health landscape in Ontario and Canada, in clinical services, program planning and development, research and evaluation and health system design roles. Jenny has crystallized her focus on building program and system responses to ensure that young people can access the responsive, effective and relevant support and treatment they need at a vulnerable time in their development – emerging adulthood. She is committed to ensuring that persons with lived experience of mental health issues have central roles in the development, delivery and evaluation of services and supports. Jenny was on the project team for development of the Mental Health Commission of Canada’s seminal work in 2015: “Taking the Next Step: Responsive Mental Health and Addictions System for Emerging Adults.”

Erika Coleman
416 Community Support for Women

Erika Coleman is a Primary Health Care Nurse Practitioner at 416 Community Support for Women. Erika has practiced for over 11 years at this Community Mental Health and Addictions agency, where she provides primary health care to members of the agency as well as the community at large. Erika provides care to clients both in-house and through outreach services.

Ask the Experts: CICMH Webinar Series

The Centre for Innovation in Campus Mental Health has launched a webinar series where specialists can share promising practices in their disciplines to address the needs of students with complex mental health concerns and strategies to promote a mentally healthy campus.

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