Developing a Campus Early Alert System

Ask the Experts: CICMH Webinar Series #29

This webinar will focus on the opportunities and challenges of systemically connecting students to resources at the first sign of struggles. Roxanne and Shermin will share their experience of designing an early alert system at the University of Calgary, as well as structural factors at play in finding and supporting students who are struggling.

Key Learnings
  • Explore common challenges in student help-seeking behaviour based on recent literature and experience
  • Gain a better understanding of Early Alert and proactive advising approaches
  • Consider structure and important stakeholders involved in implementing an Early Alert system.
  • Begin to develop guiding questions for pursuing the proactive advising and early alert best practices within the context of your own institution.

Shermin Murji is the Administrator of the Thrive Priority Support Network, University of Calgary’s early alert program. She is a doctoral candidate pursuing a doctorate in higher education. In various roles in Canadian and American post-secondary institutions, she has coordinated peer education programs, health education and prevention programs, as well as assessment and evaluation practices.

Roxanne Ross is the Director of the Student Success Centre at the University of Calgary. Her portfolio includes centralized advising and academic support programs, writing and mathematics tutoring. She was involved in the development and implementation of the Thrive Priority Support Network, the University of Calgary’s Early Alert Program launched formally in Fall 2016.

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