Equity on campus: Creating policies and practices to support mental health

Diversity is one of Ontario’s greatest strengths and reflected strongly among the student population in postsecondary campuses. While campus environments benefit greatly, understanding the student experience and how their unique identities are supported helps in enhancing their campus experience. This webinar will present on the relationship between equity and mental health, highlighting the social determinants of health that most impact mental health. Participants will develop a stronger understanding of the interconnectedness of these factors, as well as support in developing policies to create greater equity in campus environments.


Sana Imran, M.S.W, RSW, is a Policy Analyst, lead on health equity, with the Canadian Mental Health Association, Ontario Division. She has several years of experience working in community mental health and addictions agencies across Toronto, providing therapeutic support to youth, families, couples and adults. She continues to provide clinical care part-time and is passionate about reducing stigma and enhancing culturally competent care for marginalized communities.


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