Implementing the National College Health Assessment Survey in Ontario Colleges and Universities

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Please listen to our conversation with Dr. Su-Ting Teo and Jim Lees as they share their experiences implementing the National College Health Assessment (NCHA) survey at their postsecondary institutions.

The increasing severity and complexity of student mental health needs has highlighted a commensurate lack of robust, relevant data, critical for evidence-based decision making and planning within the postsecondary sector. One suggested strategy is the system-wide adoption of the National College Health Assessment survey (NCHA), developed by the American College Health Association in 2000. The survey is an attractive option both in terms of its broad, health and wellness focus and relative affordability.

In March 2013, thirty-two Canadian postsecondary institutions participated in the survey, including Ryerson University. In March, 2014, Confederation College instituted the survey as part of its development of a student mental health strategy. This webinar will offer lessons learned in implementing the survey and utilizing the results to inform policy and program planning in postsecondary settings, highlighting the potential for close collaboration between college with university partners who share a common set of concerns and experiences.

Key Learnings
  • What is the NCHA and why is it an attractive option for collecting system-wide data?
  • How the results of the NCHA have been used to inform policy and program planning in both the university and college sectors?
  • What needs to happen so that your institution can be a part of the Spring, 2016 cohort?
Presenter Bio

Dr. Su-Ting Teo
Director of Student Health and Wellness at Ryerson University

Dr. Teo has almost 15 years’ experience in Student Affairs as a physician and administrator. Dr. Teo has been involved in advocating for, collaborating on, and leading post-secondary health and mental health initiatives at the local, provincial, and national levels.


Jim Lees
Counseling Supervisor, at Confederation College in Thunder Bay

He has worked in the college system since 1987 as a teacher, counsellor and manager in student services. Jim trained as a social worker, and is an active member of the Ontario College Counsellors (OCC) where he serves on the Executive, and a member of Mental Health in Ontario Postsecondary working group (MHOP).

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